Aloha, Kiana

My name is Keyana Frost and my story is….everywhere. But where it has brought me is right here, and that is what I would most like to share with you.

I guess I should say that I was born and raised in Illinois along the Mississippi.

Married at 20, joined the Air Force, and set off into the world to find my way.

Five years, two amazing blessing-bombs (my kids) and one shockingly smooth separation later (from both the Air Force and my husband), I find myself floating between a little rock in the middle of the Pacific (Oahu) and my hometown (Quincy, IL).

I love art, I love to create, I love to share, I love to teach, I love to learn, I love to grow, I love to inspire.

I think that when we are allowed to imagine things as we want them to be, and see that come to fruition, that we each can then experience ourselves in a new way; once we step back…we get to meet ourselves in the way that others do; and that is deeply satisfying.

My clients always walk away quite impressed with themselves. I’m here to help YOU shine. From the very first step, to tying the last rubbish bag; I will be there next to you, making sure that your voice is heard and that your vision shines….and that your pocketbook stays intact.